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This site is dedicated to creative writing of Victor Koletchko, a multilingual poet, screen-writer, dramatist, whose diverse creative effort spans more than third of a century in different countries and on different continents. Compared to a lot of geographically static writers endlessly feeding on their own and borrowed fantasies, I at least was blessed with kaleidoscopic and quite often turbulent adventures from which I could freely draw the endless flow of my literary imagery and landscapes. Believing in the absolute poetic freedom, I was never shy to purposefully distort my signature vision in poetry, screen-writing and various prose genres. And I don’t remember a single day since age fourteen when I had nothing to say or write about. True, it has been a hard life but profoundly worthwhile in a creative sense, where I found all possible consolations I could get in the written word.

In travels to my Lonelyland
My life was but a grain of sand
A grain of sand in a trembling hand
That sparkled thousand years on end.

И в мире, где живёт тоска,
Я был лишь гранулой песка,
И был я гранулой песка,
Которая горит века.

























































































































































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